We have developed leading-edge expertise in the areas of estate and tax planning, trust, asset protection, compensation and executive incentive plans.

We provide tax consulting services to individuals and businesses, including private companies and non-profit organizations. We are also involved in corporate reorganization and succession for family businesses.

Our team is available to perform a comprehensive analysis and overview of our clients’ personal and business situation. Our areas of expertise are:

Tax, trust, estate and will planning

  • Canadian estate planning
  • Cross-border tax and estate planning
  • Will and protection mandate
  • Canadian or foreign inter vivos or testamentary trusts
  • Amendment and liquidation of trusts
  • Income splitting
  • Ownership of property outside Quebec
  • Asset protection
  • Optimization of donations

Tax planning for private companies

  • Corporate reorganization and estate freeze
  • Business succession and long-term sustainability
  • Corporate and investment tax optimization
  • Compensation plan
  • Deductibility of interest

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